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Keyframes don't record

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I'm having a wacky problem where key frames for certain items don't seem to be recorded properly.

I have an object group for which I'm trying to set up a simple animation.  In frame 180 I've got everything in the target position and in frame 120 I'm trying to move and rotate the object group to get it in the start position.  I move it, then rotate it, but after I hit the button to record the keyframe, everything bounces back to the original position.  I get similar results if I turn on auto-keyframing.


I've done nothing (on purpose) to lock the items or otherwise restrict anything.


I'm able to manipulate other objects and create keyframes.


The object group has two subitems.  On IS  mesh and the other is a subgroup with 3 meshes.

I've tried many things without luck so if anybody has ideas they're quite welcome.

I've attached a short video that demonstrates the issue.


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Much more likely to be user error than a bug...


See in the animation power slider bit - the 5 buttons near the bottom on the right, position, scale, rotation, parameter and Point level ? One of those that you need (position) is not blue, so that is not recording when you hit new keyframe. I would bet that is the issue but we'd need the scene file uploaded to be sure.



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Author of the topic Posted

Thanks, Cerbera, that is exactly the response I was hoping for.  I'm quite sure I didn't turn those off on purpose. in fact I'm not sure I have ever turned them off.  I must have done it accidentally and not even realized.


Things worked as expected once I turned them back on.


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