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Anybody know how to accomplish this style?

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I'm trying to create something similar to these in c4d? 

Anybody able to give a breakdown of how to go about achieving something like this? 

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 10.23.50 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 10.23.30 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 10.23.12 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 10.24.21 AM.png

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While these are quite basic due to the style your still need some modeling skills when it comes to planning out the topology for animation if thats your intention.  The head on the most basic can be a simple sphere, a Hexahedron would be ok as it has no poles.  Depending if you want a open modeled mouth, ears, and eye will be how complex things get as you can get away with are basics by using simple splines for lips, primitive for nose and eyes as in the bottom image, even textures can do a lot of the work.


You would break this down into parts.  Head, hair, eyes, T shirt and shorts will be main part of body or any clothing, and the arms and legs made separate.  This is the kind of thing that could be made inside Zbrush within 1hour tops, but modeling will take a bit longer.  In either case you will need to know the modeling tools, how they work, what they are used for, then your get a idea what tools to use.  Extrude, edge slice, knife tool will be used alot.  Pick a design, and wrk on that one design.  You need to know basic modeling as your need to improvise between one model and another and be adaptive to each situation.





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