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Low poly stylised tree ?

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how to procedure such tree in cinema?


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No no, let's try and do a bit better with thread titles - you gotta make these things searchable later - ie describe the problem in the title !


Well, there's the painstaking proper way, which is almost certainly too much effort to seriously contemplate, or there's the lazier faster way, which is fine if you don't care about intersection (and I don't see why you would in a stylised tree like this). That would involve quickly building a series of 'tetris stylee' blocks, starting with a cube and using the quantize functions to extrude out identical sizes in random directions until you had 5-10 different blocks, and then you'd mash them altogether with a cloner, cloning in Object mode into the volume of any old sphere. That should get you close...


Here I am changing the random seed in the cloner with that setup, which is how you get variety between trees this way...




I'm sure there are many other ways to do this sort of thing too, so no doubt someone will chip in with another 1 or 2...



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