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Calling on the gods of c4d to help me out here, I've got a rather intricate bevel happening on a fairly intricate extruded object.


I've created the bevel in R21 in the extrude-caps-bevel-user/curve editor seen here:



That is animate-able technically, animating it yields crazy and glitchy results unless you manually animate every frame.

I've been able to animate the bevel of simple objects, using the bevel deformer, referencing a spline that was being controlled by nulls controllers, but that only works on simple shapes and is still difficult to control enough to get a specific look/result.


It'd be nice if I could add random motion/noise to the curve editor that's controlling the bevel, but I couldn't figure out a way to do that in Xpresso.


Anyone have any ideas how to do this, or at least point me in the right direction?

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Oh that's annoying. I was hoping we could use a formula spline to control the bevel, but we can't - that field only takes editable splines not parametric ones. So with the external profile spline option being out of the window for that reason, and if animating the user curve is unpredictable and weird, then I think the answer to this, to all practical purposes in your current situation, is no, other than what can be achieved via something like a post-bevel falloff-enabled displace deformer - perhaps that can help here ?


I am by no means an expert in Xpresso, but looking at the available ports for a bevel deformer the user curve is not an addressable property - only Shape, which is an integer, so I am guessing that option is out too.


Failing that, if animating the bevels is the main focus here, then you might need to rebuild the text from an entirely parametric setup you can alter after the fact, like making it out of lofts for example - much more work obviously, but sometimes there is no other way... So here, it does seems like animating the user curve on a frame-by-frame basis IS the fastest way to get this done.



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I was afraid of that answer haha

The editable spline controller dialogue is seen a lot of places in C4D, seems like a no brainer that you'd be able to access that data or at least modify it in Xpresso or something.  I wonder if you can via Python?  I don't know that side of C4D very well.  Maybe I'll submit a feature request for that.

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I saw somewhere on deutch (or french?) c4d forum script where spline object wos "source"/mirrored for spline profile in parameters. What is wrong, I don ´t remeber where...

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