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Walk in place to walk in line, how to?

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Your clip has built in a static stand before it walks, so yes this is not ideal for looping so this is a bad start right away.  A walk in place allows you the freedom to move it via a pivot object, but as soon as you use a clip where the walk is moving in space you need to do things different. You need to have the static standing removed and have the walk.  By not using a proper loop file you need to do some editing now. Looping is out of the question right now. 


You need to go to end of clip where the left foot is forward, find a similar position earlier in a second clip and cut it so its at the beginning of the second clip.  You now need to use ghosting (display tag) to see at least the last frame of the last clip to match the foot up.  You also now need to have a pivot object for each clip placing the pivot where the last clips pivot ended. 


If you really have to use this clip Id rather have split the static pose from the walk before it was a motion clip just keyframe data, and made sure I had a looping walk to make into a clip.  Once you have made your clip loop you can select them and combine them into a new source clip to then use the loop function.


Potential problems you may hit are, ghosting not showing the ghost of the mesh because the motion clip is on the rig, and ghosting is a calculated cache thing, unlike Modo which is real time affair so you may opt to not use ghosting.  Second issue you may find is you cant find a decent step at the beginning of the clip that matches the end because there simply is not enough steps in the animation.  By the time you messed with this you may as well gone down the Cmotion Path,  but in either case you need to learn the motion system to understand its abilities and many flaws.  For that you may want to follow my fully comprehensive video on the motion system.  I made that video because there is a serious shortage of videos out there which meant  had to learn from the manual and scattered info out there.



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