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Trying to make a translucent Winegum/gummy sweet texture

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Hi all i'm looking for some help,


I'm not very experienced with texturing and I'm trying to make an ad for someone basically consisting of winegums (sweets) among other things. I've modelled them fine (i think) but i've spent ages struggling to get the textures right. I want to use an orange gradient background its really messing with the textures and no matter what settings i change i cant get it right. I've been playing around with the transparency and the blurriness and absorption.

As you can see here the consistency of the sweets is not dense enough and a lot of colour is lost


This is the same project with a white background so the colours pop more


And this is how i want the sweets to look, even on the orange background


So basically I want the textures to be effected less by the background and for the actual sweets to be less transparent overall.


Any help would be hugely appreciated.


lots of love 






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Im also very new to all of it. but just today i leaned something new and your post reminded me of it. Im not sure if i understood you correctly but maybe "subsurface scattering" can help.

Under Illumination, under Textur, effects. Choose subsurface scattering and then one of the presets and change them around.

And on the Buttom do change the value, depending on how small your object are and how much light you want to go through at the edges.(in german its called "Pfadlänge". i googled it in english ??"path length"??)



I hope it will help you. if its unclear what i mean i can upload a video (sorry my english is not so good).


good luck

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Please use the cafe's image upload system rather than bouncing us out multiple times to external sites.


Yes you pretty much require Sub-Surface Scattering for this sort of thing, and that needs to be setup in quite a specific way (see SSS section in manual)...


But I think you want to do the entire background in post, and use a shadow catcher to produce shadows that will later work over any background. So you need one set of lights that illuminates from the front and sides and casts shadows how you want them, and then you can make additional specific omni lights in the scene positioned behind your gummies (and affecting ONLY the sweets, and with shadow casting off) to illuminate them nice and brightly which will best catch the light with the SSS in your luminance channel.





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