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There is no CUDA Device which is selected

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Hi all,

I Just set up a new pc with a new 2080 Super, and just updated to latest driver


"When I fire up Octane live viewer, it says "There is no CUDA Device which is selected"


I tried selecting it in Octane settings, still get the error... and after out and open Octane settings it unchecked.

Anyone know if there is a fix please?




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Does not appear to be a C4D Bug..best ask the Octane people.

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I can give u the fix...  Pay for it.


if you are not running Octane 3.08 or above, you will get this error.


of course, the latest 'try before you buy' release is.. wait for it.... 3.07.


Anyway, not for nothing but, and I'm sure coincidentally.. your screenshot shows that u r running.. wait for it.. 3.07.... lol


So.......ONLY option, if you want to use that fancy RTX... is to buy/rent Octane.. and run the latest version..


or at very least.. 3.08...


and better believe this was by design by the nice folks at OTOY

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