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Looking for Some High Quality / Res Royalty Free Sample Project

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Hi Guys,

i have to hold an Presentation about H.265 and i want to have a Section where i compare H.265 to H.264. To have the same "Baseline" for both Resulting Videos i would like to Create multiple Images which i combine to one H.265 and one H.264 encoded Video. For that i would love any kind of HighQuality Sample Scene which i could use. Im a Student so i can use C4d for free - the Project should be C4D or any other Software that i can get for free as Student.


I dont know how to use C4D therefore i hope maybe some one has some Cool Scene or could link me one - for me to use for my Presentation. I googled a bit and didnt found anything suitable.


I hope im at the Right Place!


Ty in advcaned


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If I remember right the open movie projects form blender gives away quite good footage. Maybe you can find something there.

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Needless to say the terms 'high res, high quality', and 'free' are rarely found together.


You could maybe use the scene from Cinebench R20 and add your own animation ? (if needed) But not sure any of this is going to help you, because AFAIK know Cinema R21 doesn't provide export via h.265 codec... or at least even though I have h.265 installed via DaVinci Resolve 16 it still doesn't show up in Cinema's output options for any video format, so you get that you'd have to export a still image sequence and go 265 in post, in which case I don't see why any old shareware 265 clip online or RAW video wouldn't do for the purposes of codec comparison... For example the world is full of drone footage in both, and some of that is free, or at least people are more willing to give it away...


Btw - please fix your profile - if you have the Student version, you are using a Studio version, not prime, and there are big differences !



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  • @Jops thanks i will take a look at it!

    @Cerbera yeah i know that c4d doesnt export 265, i wanted to export images and "render" the video ewith ffmpeg (pictures to -> 264 and 265)


    edit:// looks like i need a subscription to download the blender open movies?

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