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Shaders and Planets

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Hi, so I was messing around with shaders in C4D and trying to create a fictional planet's surface using only the shaders. I have a couple of questions after my failed attempt at doing this :

1) Using noise I was able to create an atmospheric feel with a dusty feel like Jupiter seen from space. How can I actually create different shapes of land that looks random and generated? Because all I have now is like and ocean with different colors (I can attach images for reference if required)


2) Are shaders the way to go for this kind of thing? I mean this is just a personal project so I don't really know how else to proceed. Seeing how robust shaders are, I thought it might be a good way to go but I can't figure how to make a "surface" and giving it some depth like it usually has on real planets.

I'd love to hear any suggestions to change/improve my current approach for this.


Thanks in advance!

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Maybe this could help as a starting point...

If you have trouble understanding the setup, ask away!


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  • Hey, this is actually a very good starting point, It was exactly almost exactly what I was looking for. One small question though, so you do suggest that shaders is the way to go for this kind of a  project?

    Thanks so much @DasFrodo!

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    Oof, that is a tough question. In the end it all depends on what level of detail and control you need and how close you're going to be with the camera. If you need some space shots I think a well made material should be enough but as soon as you want to show some more detail I think it could get a bit too complicated with materials. SPD can do a lot but getting the shader to look realistic at that level is a task.

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