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Spiral boolean animation on object

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Hi! I have this object which I want to "cut" in a spiral animation, sort of like a CNC machine effect. Right now I'm using a boolean with a sphere to do it, but it isn't the spiral animation that I want. When I tried it with a sweep on a spiral it made weird effects. Do you have any ideas?


In the file you can see the current animation with a sphere and the original loft with which the object was built. I tried doing it with a tracer but I couldn't manage to get the depth that I get with the boolean.




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I shall note here that you are actually using 16.5, and try and get that added to the profile list, although I am very interested to see where you got that from in 2020, given that it hasn't been commercially available for over 5 years. I do hope you're not running a crack, which would result in us closing your account here.



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