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Need help with light set up

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Hello everybody,


i´ve build a little scene and animation. But im having a problem with lighting. So far im happy with it, but as you can see in the clip, everthing is very bright. It should rather be darker because it its suppose to be a night scene. I also plan to add some streetlights and some other stuff(maybe also change the animation) but firtst i´d like to get the lighting right. I already changed the settings but i can´t seem to get it right. Any Advise would be greatly appreacheated.


Low Poly Isomatic City Night Scene (Animation) WRONG LIGHTING

"Isometric City" Night Scene with Animation (Licht noch nicht angepasst.) "Isometric City" Night Scene with Animation komplett in Cinema 4D erstellt mit Wind und fliegender Zeitung und Gulli aus dem Qualm kommt.

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The main illumination at night is from the moon, so we have to get that first.  So I think you want a single directional light which is a sort of 'moonlight grey blue', and possibly a darker blue /grey ambient(only, no direct illumination) light set at very low strength to avoid your shadows getting too dark... Obviously also keep all your feature street lighting and point sources, but possibly consider making them more orange-y than usual, which helps them stand out against the blues...



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