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Toilet Paper Roll Out - Spline Rig Advice

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toilet paper on all our minds right now I am sure:


in the attached scene file I've Spline Wrapped a Cube onto a Helix.
I am using a combination of Helix position/scale and Spline Wrap Offset to unroll my toilet paper.

it works well enough, but I feel like there must be a better way to do this.

ideally I'd be able to have the toilet paper hop  and change direction as it unrolls and I can't wrap my brain around how to alter the splines path (especially as it is a Helix).

before I go too far down this path I was wondering if anyone had any better suggestions of how to set something like this up more efficiently?

in the current rig what is the best suggested route to attach the toilet paper roll to the center as it unrolls?

any tips on a more robust starting setup would be appreciated. I took a look around the site and anything I could find was outdated or a dead end. I saw that EJ Hassenfratz had used a mospline, but again that looked like an awkward way to animate something.


thanks to anyone to who takes a crack at this!





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While I havent specifically looked at your file. There is a brand new tutorial from Niko Schatz using toilet paper below. Take a look at thet first

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hey thanks! I watched both parts yesterday. he's faking the actual action. it's a texture animation essentially and the roll never reduces in size. it was a good watch and I actually picked up a good few tips but it wasn't what I was looking for.

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You could probably do this in Xpresso, but these are the sort of things that would be much easier in Houdini (https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/73604/). The toilet paper is basically a spiral and what you want to do is to extend a line the length equal to the spiral wrap as it unrolls. Then do the various extrudes to give depth and thickness. So to be realistic, you would need to do the calculus for arc length of the spiral and match it to the length of the line as you reduce the total rotation of the spiral. You would also need a transform on the line to match the shrinking of the spiral, so that the line and spiral join at all rotation angles. Then animate as your angle goes from some large number of rotations to zero (or some small number where the cardboard roll extends.



Or you could be artistic and just fake it, as in the tutorials recommended above.

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