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Texturing for Second Life: multi objects with separated textures UV Mapping

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Hello folks.


I got a problem with UV mapping {not a new problem, in many years using C4D I still didn't manage to master these tools and I honestly wonder why a tool which is widely considered a flaw has never seriously improved with a total remake.


Anyway... my issue has different aspects.


I'm creating a spaceship which is actually very simple but is made in a way to be easily managed within Second Life as walkable/no phantom mesh. The spaceship has two levels/objects {Image 1 and 2 below}: a main deck {'Hall'}  and a cabin deck {'Cabin Floor' and 'Cabin Underfloor', which were originally a single object I separated trying to solve my issue} directly connected with the main deck below. The cabin has a cockpit which is made as separate object.






I've separated the model in parts which are supposed to allow the avatar to freely move inside the different areas... whoever uses SL knows what I'm talking about, if you haven't ever used Second Life would be hard to explain this detail... I'm trying 'tho so I hope I'm clear enough. 



Each Deck and each involved part {'Cockpit'} are supposed to have two sides {the top/floor and the bottom side} which are supposed to be different separated parts of a same texture.





So this is the point, the issue I hope someone can help me suggesting me how to fix.


As a matter of fact the issue is mainly that:


 it seems I cannot have all the different selections visible all at once, which makes very hard to actually have all parts of the textures positioned within the texture in order to keep the spaces of the textures well organized.


the top and bottom sides are supposed to be different ones but when applying the projection of the UV maps they substitute each other. I've had the same result having the two parts of the cabin deck {'Cabin Floor' and 'Cabin Underfloor'} combined in a same object or  as separated objects like in the pictures above... whenever I map one selection that map gets changed when mapping another selection, like C4D was someway considering them as the same thing.


I might solve all this creating separated files but this would mean being forced to upload different meshes and textures into Second Life instead a single one, which would mean to spend more per upload, and to make my workflow take more time.


My aim is to have all the different maps in an unique 3072 x 3072 texture organized in a 3x3 grid. I'm using C4D R21. I would even consider buying a UV mapping plugin {I got a 30 < 50€/$ budget} that really works, because I'm going to create many other models for this spaceship {there is all the furniture to be made} and for other objects and i really need to improve my workflow and shorten the timing {I've been dealing with all this two days already and unfortunately I have a very limited time}.


These 3 images show two views of the last object of the list above {'Kell', Images #4 and #5} and the related UV map {Image #6}, which worked well and I managed to organize placing the maps selections within the parts #7 and #8 of the 3x3 grid.







I would prefer learning a method than buying a plugin so I would leave the plugin as latest chance's choice.



Thank you all, in advance. Cheers!






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