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Opening a Volume Builder .obj in R19

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Hello, I am attempting to follow the tutorial listed below, with the goal of taking an object, and eroding it in R20, then saving it out as an .obj to use in a scene in R19 with Octane. I have successfully done this with a Mograph text in the past, although I'm having trouble replicating that and do not remember what I did. 


Now when I open the object in R20, there are many parts to it so i "connect objects & delete" to make it 1 polygon, I then place the polygon into the volume builder, add the shader field with noise, and achieve the eroded effect I desire. Now the problem comes up when I try to Export it as an .obj and then open it in R19. When I do this, I get a blank scene with no object inside of it. 


Is there a specific way I am supposed to save to be able to open a volume builder object in R19? Some help would be greatly appreciated.




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This should work if certain steps are followed to ensure you are getting a properly editable mesh before you export it.

So your volume builder should be inside a volume mesher, and that you should make editable, or generate a copy from using Current State to Object.


That should give you a true polygonal object with no volume builder components remaining, and thus 'should' export correctly as an .obj.



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Thank you CBR, that did work, although I ran into another issue. Was wondering if you knew of a workaround?


When I use the volume mesher it rounds off all the edges of my object (which is a car) and it loses most of its form, even if i lower the voxel size of the volume builder to something like .001cm it still looks off. The car looks perfect at that voxel size when I remove it from the mesher. Is there any possible way to export as .obj without having to use the mesher?



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