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UV mapping in C4D turns object black/patchy

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I've been exploring C4D for a few weeks now and I've reached a point of needing to bake a model of a hand I sculpted. I read that ideally, I'd have to go through UV mapping first. I followed a couple of tutorials on Youtube but the end result was the hand turning out mostly black and grey all over. I saw other people struggling on here with the same problem but the answers they were given did not fix it for me.

What I did was, I opened up an .obj file of a sculpted hand and added my own adjustments to it on top (I read somewhere that UV mapping on .obj source file doesn't work?). I added a material with color, giving me the possibility to paint on top, and applied it. I tried every single setting on there - not just the options under Projection, but also tweaking Optimal Mapping - but none of them give me an unwrapped version of the mesh (I've attached a couple of the results). I saw a tutorial on using Project Mesh - but then I don't have a simplified model of the hand to applied the sculpted one on to. I also applied Polygon Reduction deformer but it gave me a message saying that there were no more angles left to reduce.

What I'd like to do next is rig the hand, so that I can tweak the position of the fingers. I'm not exporting for animation or anything; I'm a photographer, so I'd like to take a still image of it later.

What is there for me to do at this point? Should I sculpt the hand from scratch myself, in case the file being an .obj one may be giving me problems; and is it certain that I won't run into the same issues again at the end? And should I instead model it?

Thank you!

Screenshot (22).png

Screenshot (24).png

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When things go black and patchy it usually means 1 or both of 2 things - model with problems, or UV with non optimally overlapping islands.


I suspect you just haven't found the optimal way to unwrap a hand yet, which isn't what you are doing at the moment. You want just 2 islands (3 including the arm it's attached to), top and bottom (of the hand) and single seam that runs down the middle of the fingers terminating in the wrist loop.


This you can achieve very easily by selecting the right group of polys and doing an orthographic frontal projection of each side in the UV editor.


I don't know where you have heard that you can't unwrap an obj, but that is just not true. What might be true is that if the model is inconsistently triangulated or badly made (as some obj's undoubtedly are, especially the free ones) it might be a bit more awkward, but it can still be done.


Pop to turbosquid and have a look at some of the high quality human models there where they will give you a preview of the UV map, and you can see what islands they split their hands into - you should do much the same.




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