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Render view is not matching editor's animations.

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Hi guys!


I have this simple scene of a puppet hand holding chess pieces throught splines, as if they were puppets.
I used spline dynamics, hair constraint and a spring dynaminc tag, very basic setup, and in the editor, it works perfectly fine.

The problem is that, as I pause the editor, or render a frame, the splines are all over the place instead of being where they should be accordingly to the animation showing in the viewport.

I tried to bake the project dynamics as well as I tried to render in different ways.

Nothing works 🤯
I hope this does not sound too noobish, but I can't understand how to fix the problem 😅

Here you can find the file, in case I did not explain my problem clearly.
Thank you very much!


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38 minutes ago, EtnEtienne said:

very basic setup

That's not a very basic setup if it involves spline dynamics, regular dynamics, and hair - all of these somewhat disparate systems are notoriously difficult to get to work together and bake properly sometimes ! I am not in the least surprised you are having problems, especially if you are new to these things.


I have a reasonable working knowledge of those things, but they are not my real area of expertise so I shall defer to those that are in the first instance... I'm sure someone round here can sort this out fairly easily...





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Thanks for replying, I thought it was basic because I saw that there are many tutorials about it and yet no one seems to have the same problem I do 😕
I mostly followed step by step, so I don't have a clue on what this could be.
I really hope someone will!

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