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Some hair not rendering? C4D R20

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Today I tried to use hair to create leaves/bushes. I'm a complete amateur so I don't know how to figure out what my problem is.

When I render, only some models render correctly with the hair, the others are lacking pieces of hair and some just no hair at all.

IMG 1 - Bushes are fine, trees have no hair!

IMG 2 - Bushes are balding???

IMG 3 - How my trees are supposed to look


Thank you




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There could be more settings for hair where could be low/wrong/disabled values.

Try to open hair object which not work for you in render and select (with Shift) three tabs Hairs,Editor and Generate.

If you check Generate tab, Render hair option need to be enabled for rendering hairs.

In Editor preview/Display option set Hair Lines option to see "real" hairs in viewport directly instead of guides.

And in Hairs tab set/increase/decrease count of hairs and count of segments if needed...


Hair material can have low values of thickness etc...


If nothing help,  you can post scene file only with objects with hair if you want.

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