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FREE Plugin Procedural "Edge To Spline" - Open Source

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Hey everyone, check out my Youtube channel where I have the download link for a Free "Edge to Spline" plugin. It's Open source, procedural, do-whatever-you-want with it. The code is open, so use it for educational purposes as well. Modify it, and make more super plugins. Please don't sell it.
[Disclaimer. I have no responsibility, expressed or implied as far as the plugin is concerned. Use it as-is. Whatever happens, it's your fault. By downloading it, you agree to this... and owe me a grilled steak... medium rare please]
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You can download the plugin from this post now...
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I just looked at the tutorial, damn its good, not the tutorial 😛 but the plugin!! Great idea Your Highness!! :cowboypistol:

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15 minutes ago, bezo said:

btw, can be "cloner" way faster?

For your setup, Yes, but what if you want to displace the spline and then make the tubes?


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Since it´s cloned spline there´s not problem with displacement (or could be used any kind of spline (Mospline/parametric/standard spline deformed etc.)



only problem is with speed (on other side this is huge amount of points in current example) and the weakest part of this setup is connect object...



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YES! Your example shows one of the huge advantages of this method.

I was thinking of doing a follow-up video, showing this alternative technique...

I will be very happy to credit you if you wish... let me know if there's any specific information you'd like me to mention. Name, website, twitter and so on...

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...we have cloner object for many years, sometimes we need to open eyes to see things from different angle. :-)

No, it ´s not my idea, I saw this kind of setup somewhere while browsing over internet and it´s amazed me with it´s simplicity and posibilities...

(... and now with power of fields it´s super great)


So, credits go to... (...don´t remember now, but if I´ll find a link, I´ll post it here), but can go to all amazing people who´s loves to work with c4d and share their knowlegdes (like you)...

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Hey guys, first of all, thank you for this plugin, I was sweeping the web to find something with this functionality and this is exactly what i was looking for!!

Now for people that want to use this with deformed mesh (like example below) I realised that the plugin does not call the deformers to update when the spline itself is being updated, but it's easily fixable with the easy xpresso:

Trick behind this is to call the deformer to update every frame by changing some irrelevant setting constantly.

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