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Sugar/Salt Texture

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How would I go about creating a sugar/salt texture for a piece of candy I'm working on?


First thought, model a piece of salt and clone it on to the surface. Downside to this, it's just too many polys and lagg.


I am sure there is a smoother way of doing this and getting more realistic results. Maybe using displacement, bump channels somehow?



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Your first thought about how to make this was the best one, at least in terms of realistic result. Cloning grains to a surface will always look much much better than attempts via any other method, because at the end of the day displacement doesn't look like a granular covering.


However, you can avoid a lot of the lag by simply connecting and deleting all the clones once they are in position so that they become a single mesh, which Cinema can handle much faster. You can further minimize things with poly reduction techniques, and don't forget that the initial grains themselves can be very few polys each because they are so small. I would be aiming for no more than 12 polys per grain if I was making this.


As for texturing these things, that is quite simple. The main element you need is blurry transparency, which is expensive to render but does get the look you need...



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I didn’t think of making the clones in to a mesh but that makes sense.


Again, thanks for the response!

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