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How do I merge polygons groups?

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I feel like the solution to this is right in front of my eyes, but I'm not seeing it ūüėē
I hope some of you can give me a pair of glasses!

I modeled a face, it is a single objet, already editable, but it looks like the polygons that compose it are subdivided in groups, and this makes every sculpt I make for the face's expressions very hard, my brain screams every time.
How do I connect toghether the selections of polygons that shows up when, in polygon mode, I double click on the object's features?
I need the face to be whole, and I've already tried to cut and paste each¬†feature, then connect and delete, and many other improvised solutions (as I didn't know how to search for this problem on youtube) but the result keeps on being a giant ''Nope'' ūüėĄ

Can someone help me shut my brain's screams up?
Have a great day!

P.s. In case my explanation was as bad as I think, here's the actual hateful file!


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You cant weld parts of the face that where not modeled to align with the edges the parts should have been intended for.  You dont want parts of the face to be seperate unless its crucial to your design.  There are a few issues you have here.


1: Object way to large.  C4D works best with real world scale, your head should be about 24cm high, but its 3120.917 cm, this will effect how lighting and shading looks.


2: Your object should be modeled low poly, ideally with good edge loops for mouth, eyes, and ears.  Then you make a UV map then move to the sculpt layout.  This is if you require a asset that renders fast and does not make your viewport crawl to a stand still.


3: C4D is not a dedicated sculpting program, it has no remesh feature, that is to say that a remesh feature could combine the face parts like it was clay. C4D deals with well made polygon objects where by at least each polygon is square in shape and of equal size where posible.




Either start again, or try putting it through the volume builder, this will produce a new merged mesh but high polygon.  You could retopologize it using the Polygon pen.



My Web Site -  ArtStation

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This is a quick mock up of what id call a Potato style head.  Its still far from ideal but very workable in sculpting.  This takes about 3 min to model, if you need help with modeling this level let me know.



potato head.jpg

My Web Site -  ArtStation

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Thank you very much for the answer!
Actually, I found a solution that fits this project better, which is, in sculpt mode, using Volume mesh after I re-imported the file as an obj!

Even if I will go for that solution, I will absolutely follow your suggestions in the next project, you're right about size and over-complexity, I will do my best to improve that!
Have a great day!

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