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White dot from reflection on material

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Hi guys,


I've found a tutorial to create a leather texture on the web and when I try to apply it to a material this is what I get in the viewport... The projection mapping is on UVW mapping and something around 10% to match the size of the leather grain... 


This is an issue I have with some materials but not all of them - could anyone explain where this comes from and how I can get solve the issue? 





Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 20.51.34.png

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Without having the file it's pretty much impossible to guess what's wrong here. Please share it.

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Thanks for your quick reply!


File attached 😉 


Thank you for your help



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Welp, I don't have V-Ray so I can't look at the material at all.

How does it look when you render though? At least Octane and Cycles do some really, really weird things with the material previews and don't even come close to the quality that native C4D materials offer, so it might even be something like this.

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