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What causes this Extrusion problem?

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Hey guys,

I'm sure you will immediately recognize this familiar problem:   When you try to extrude some text (that has been converted to splines),    some splines will be recognized for extrusion,   while others won't.     In this particular set of text splines,     some of the "eyes" of the letters will not be recognized.   Like the inner "eyes" of my "B",  "P",  "Y",  "D"   and "O".     Needless to say,    this situation makes for an unusable model.
I realize that this loopy,  cursive font is not the best candidate for extrusion....      blocky/squarish fonts do much better.     Still,  I'm wondering if I can make this work...     Is there a workaround to having all my spline-loops be recognized in an Extrude?       I've tried twiddling with the different spline types and their properties.   Is there a way I can first optimize this spline group in Adobe Illustrator?   Some other trick?

Thanks,  ras

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It could be caused by "not standard" splines. (non correct topology of spline, overlapped sections, non closed spline segments etc)

Can you post splines?

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