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Weird reflections/lines when rendering!

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Hy guys, does someone has a clue on why, when I render, as the character passes in areas of no light, a weird ''contour line'' shines on?

I thought it was a material problem, but I was wrong!

In the image is very slight (You can see in on the head) but on video it becomes annoyng, as it's moving along with the shadows

Have a great day guys!


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Even if you had said what engine you were rendering in, that is going to be very difficult to diagnose without the scene file including all the materials I'm afraid to say. Pls do Save with assets from save menu, zip the folder that creates, and upload to dropbox etc and link here.



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I might have an idea even without scene file... are you by any chance using C4D Standard / Physical and on the lights the Shadowmaps?

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