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Export Animation for Melange to Element 3D

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What happened to my animation!

Guys has anyone noticed animation doesn't carry over to Element 3D from r22?

Why would they abolish this unless I am missing something? Seems they removed the checkbox.


Edit: I can see for r21 it was Export Animation for Cineware



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What exactly is wrong here and what exactly is missing? You need to be more specific. Which format, what kind of scene you are using etc.. 

U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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The option to "Save Animation to Cineware" is not available in the settings for C4D R22.

Now my native animation in Cinema does not carry over to Element 3D in After effects.


Element 3D used to be able to open native C4D files but since this r22 it does not seem to work and like stated above there is no checkmark to make it work anymore.

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