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Connect objects and delete with deformers

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I modeled a mustache and placed in my rigged joint hierarchy. I want to make a mouth controller and need to connect the mustache mesh with the body mesh so the mustache moves with the morphed mouth points.

When I try to connect objects and delete all the deformers are deleted or are changed into null objects.


Any advice on how I could do this? I'm aware I should have modeled the stash while modeling the whole character.

Thanks in advance!!










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Character animation defo not my bag, but maybe you could stick it on there with the surface deformer, not really used it myself but the explanation in manual seems pretty straight forward. Manual example is a flatter object ( cloth patch ) so dunno if its entirely suitable.


Probably one of the proper character animating cafe members will have the proper solution.

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Thanks Deck.

I tried the surface deformer, but c4d crashed. I think I had to many polygons. 
I ended up re modeling it with less polygons.

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