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Decrease shadow darkness on the floor

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I've attached a screenshot of my layers and scene. I am trying to decrease the darkness of the shadow on the floor. I want to export a transparant 3D image, so I am using a shadow catcher. But because I am using an HDRI Environment, I added another HDRI Environment with a plain color. When set to black the shadow is really dark, when set to middle grey, the shadows appear too white, unnatural. 


Any tips on decreasing the shadows on the floor, without effecting the rest of the scene too much? E.g. I dont want a shadow on the left of the object as well.


Thanks in advance,




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38 minutes ago, Cerbera said:

I take it you have tried reducing the shadow density in either of the 2 lights in your scene ?



Thanks for your reply. Where can i find this setting? Im using OCtane Render and a Area Light and a HDRI Environment as main light source.

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I don't have Octane, so can't advise there.

But you do seem to be using standard lights, so just find the shadow tab of the settings for those, and it will be in there... but I don't know if the Octane tag changes anything about that...



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