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Asking for help and common courtesy

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What is the point in asking for help and then not replying when people respond to your request ?

I think people who do not follow up on posted questions and the answers/advice/request for more info should simply be blocked from posting. It is basically rude..no other word for it ..rude.

What we need is an ability to give negative rep points to those who abuse the cafe. I spent many hours fixing someone's file once it was huge and was really tasking my 64 GB RAM but I stuck at it. After many hours of work did I get a single thankyou ?..DID I FU...

Though this goes against my concept of Seva. ..Selfless service with no requirement for reward ( the act of Seva is in itself the reward) it would be useful to know who to bother helping or more importantly who not to bother helping.

If you want to know more about Seva and how it can empower you PM me. It is a fascinating concept.

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As vindictive as it sounds, I hope a poster cannot create another thread if he has more than 3 "unresolved" threads. 
Though, I don't really ask for "Thank you" per se. I just want how the problem is resolved since I might encounter it in the future.

It also irritates me when poster doesn't post a screenshot, screencap and file when it clearly requires one based on their question. 

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I have been active on Cinema 4D forums for 20 years now and while i hope for feedback and thank you i stopped expecting it a long time ago.

That said, i refuse to answer questions in PMs, if the question and answer can not be made public then ask MAXON support or any other paid service. I answer questions not because of the person but because of the community. This is effectively the same reason why i usually refrain from large individual efforts if the outcome is not to the advantage of the community. I do it though if it helps someone i know to be helpful themself

A pet grievance of mine is OPs to post an "i got it working" answer without even a hint as to what they did to make it work.

To me the main reason for forums like C4D Cafe to exist is to share knowledge and help each other. Selfishness should not be rewarded.

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    I also notice sometimes a tone..an attitude in that the software is not doing what a user wants and they feel they not only have a right for it to do that but more worryingly they feel they have a right to get a solution from volunteer sites such as this. A bit like when I was a greengrocer in a large supermarket, there were customers who deluded themselves that they were "middle class" and acted as if the supermarket was a given, they paid their taxes and thus acted as if we "workers" should be at their beck and call and more worryingly the shop had a "duty" to provide them exactly what they wanted when they wanted. A lot of their grievance was down to our cheery cockney greengrocer attitude. I would get into work at 10.00 am and not stop singing till 7.00 pm. I was known as the singing green man..the kids loved it as did many of the mums and dads, we used to have a right royal knees up. But there were a few who were jealous. " You should be working not singing and dancing" " Listen mate I AM WORKING..I am humping 30 KG boxes of bananas and dancing the fandango with the ladies while doing so" You could just feel the jealously oozing from them. They saw me as a poor cockney barrow boy without a care in the world being loved by women they could only dream of being able to approach...when in truth life at home was hell and physical work, the company of beautiful women, gorgeous kids and jolly chaps was my release. Barrow boy greengrocer LICENSE TO FLIRT. I have worked at board level with major banks, had dinner with deputy prime ministers, ran my own airline. BUT WAS AS HAPPY IF NOT HAPPIER WORKING WITH TRUE PEERS ON A SHOP FLOOR...It was just like being back working on the fairground .." Roll Up !! Roll Up !!..Win a coconut for the lovely lady mister !! "

    Oh what was the point I was trying to make ? ah yes..attitude..people who think the world owes them. Oh.. and that reminds me of a song funnily enough ...


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    We are in the progress of finalising upgrade to Cafe 3.0. If you are experiencing issues, please change the default theme to Cafe 2.5 and thing’s should work again. We will notify everyone when we resolve all the issues.

    It would be also great if you could report any issue you might have on your side so we can fix them. :cowboypistol: