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Selecting all following frames in the timeline?

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let's say I want to hold a certain key a bit longer, so I want to pull all the following keys a bit back. If the scene is not too long I usually take the selection tool and select all the keys from this point manually. In all tutorials I have watched people use this technique as well. But when the scene is much longer it is really difficult to do this precisely and is also quite annoying to zoom out everytime. Is there a tool similar to Premiere Pro's "select all after" where I can automatically grab all the keys following the one I have selected? I suspected the ripple edit function would be capable of that, but it only works for me if there is a key on every animatable factor on the object on that frame, which I normally try to avoid. Is there a tool or trick that I am missing? 


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    So it seems there is a tool to select a range of keyframes, but you have to type in the frame counts, which is not very fast.. 

    also I have tried around with the ripple edit, but it only moves keys that have a keyframe on the current position of the timeline, doing a ripple edit on the summary track gives me really wacky results... so far it seems there is no perfect tool for this. Would be nice to have something similar to the Premiere Pro/ After Effects tools for moving keys around.

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