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Render to texture transfer for C4D

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Finally had time to release the plugin.

I started this project a long time ago, and its still not perfect but i'm using it with almost every project.

I'm not a scripting wonder, it took me way more time then I wanted, therefor its for sell, and not for free.


Available for: R18, R19, R20, R21.


Bake renders to textures
Bake the render output directly onto a new mesh, or the same mesh.

Because we are working with a boundary, anything that falls within will be baked.

This even allows you to bake a displacement, or hairs as a texture.


Full tutorial can be watched in this post or here on YouTube: 


Its a rather boring video sorry..

In this (3 minute) video make a bake from start to finish, and go over the pro's and con's. 


Functionalities are:

  • Bake HDRI’s.
  • Bake Hires to low res.
  • Bake Hires onto itself (Can be done with no limitations).
  • Bake Hires onto itself with new UV map.
  • Low-res to new low-res with new UV layout.
  • Displacement, hairs, textures.
  • You get the point.. 

Limitations are:

  • Not good with 90 degree corners.
  • Low poly mesh has to be simple and smooth.
  • Some hand clean up is necessary. (complex meshes) 

Small bug:
The undo function (Ctrl+Z) doesn't work properly. So please work in a new scene when baking.


Hi-res to low-res


Even when the model does not have UV’s and is generically textured, you can simply transfer the data over to a new map.
(In this scenario the Hi-res model had no uv’s, it had a cylindrical texture applied only repeating over the Y axis.)


Redshift to texture



You can do the same for any Redshift renders by baking them first onto itself with ‘Redshift bakeset’ and to a new model / new uv layout with ‘render to texture’.


Hairs to texture


You do need to convert it to pollies and use a non hair material, but it works great! Creating alphas is also not a problem. This scene and tutorial video will be included in the download. 


Transfer texture to new model


An extreme example is to go from a cube to a sphere, obviously this would look very weird but it's possible. Therefore you can bake literally anything as a HDRI.


Anything to a HDRI


When you bake using a sphere as a boundary you can turn anything into an hdri.


Let me know what you think.





For those who signed up a year ago, a discount code is on its way.


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This looks very interesting indeed.  I will look further into it.  One question which you have have covered in your video is does it work for other render engines such as Redshift, Vray, Octane e.c.t?  I would like to bake Redshift hair onto hair cards?  Is S22 on the cards?


Thanks, Dan

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I remember you from the original post! Glad you're still interested! 

At the moment it only supports C4D naively. However you can still use it's function if your (renderer) has its own bake function, like Redshift, which has “BakeSet”.
In this image we bake our Redshift render using the Redshift bake tool first, after that we can transfer it to a new model / new uv set using R.T.T.


Hairs need to be converted to polygons first.
As for your hairs, I'm not sure: If the Redshift "BakeSet" can bake them to their individual planes, then you can use this plugin to transform them to any “low poly” mesh like in the video.


S22 might take a bit, but I do plan on it.




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I have not used Redshift BakeSet more than once it didnt seem to work for hairs.  The way iv baked hair is simply render against a white backdrop, then apply the texture to hair cards as I did in this clip.


Keep up the good work.



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Really great tool!


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