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Problem scaling a rigged character

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I'm having trouble scaling down a rigged character.


I tried the steps in this tutorial but it did not work.


Thanks in advance




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If that didnt work simply copy the character into a new scene by itself. take note of the Y axis of the character, this is its height.  Copy this value.

Go to menu Edit/Scale Project, and in the Current Scale field paste in the value you copied from the Y Axis, the character height.  Now in the Target Scale type in the height it should be, click ok.  Now copy or cut the character out of this temport scene and paste back into the original.  Your plant is 1168.47 on the Y axis.  Your reference height is 200 which is stil a huge plant.


Current Scale = 1168.47

Target Scale = 200


If for any reason something is still out just disable the skin of that object, put it back into place and then selecting the weight tag press set bind pose, re-enable skin.  I always follow a workflow to get the scale right when possible, set all objects axis to centre of object, freeze all Coord before going any further.



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  • Great it worked!


    How did you measure the object? Just using the Measure and construction tool?



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    In the case of your object I just made a proxy cube the height of your object to the tip of the highest point in the front view.  You can do as you suggest to, or even convert a copy of your model down to  polygons to get a bounding box.



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