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Glowing Image texture

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Im trying to make a 3D visualisation of a room with projections on the walls.

I am placing a still image on the colour - texture channel to represent the artwork that would be displayed.

I cant seem to get the image textures to glow

Ive tried putting the image texture also on the luminance channel to give it a glowing effect. Ive also tried using a backlight effect  on the luminance channel and putting a light behind the wall.

These dont seem to be working very well for me.

For example this is what my renders are looking like:


This is some examples of what Im trying to achieve:





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That is done in post work, in PS, AE, or similar software, look for tutorials and you will find lot of them how to achieve that.




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  • thanks so much for your reply. What terms should I be searching? I have tried to find my own Photoshop and after effects tutorials and I didnt come across the right ones so far.


    In photoshop Ive tried a much of blending layers to achieve this type of glowing effect. With some content it works but with others it looks terrible. Any pointers to tutorials that explain this would be super cool 

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    Bloom is the Keyword you're looking for.

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    Im not really seeing any "glow" as such here. To me they just look really bright and contrasty with all the colours pumped up to the max. Heres a quick example below from your render. i would recommend doing it in 16bit too as you will be able to squeeze even more out of it with smoother colours.

    A good way to start is to make a smart object in pshob and use the camera raw filter on that, lots of controls all in one place can get you pretty close, and then a few layers of colour correction over that should get you there.




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