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Modelling a tricky, 'pillowy' object

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Hello all, first post, but long time lurker.


I spend most of my time working with abstract and and simulations, but have recently been modelling some real world objects. I'm currently working on the attached and am completely stumped by the 'pillowy' collar in the middle. 


Any suggestions on how you might tackle such an object? I've tried making cuts, extruding the faces then sub-dividing, and/or bevelling, but they all look wrong. I wondered if a displacement map would be a solution, but I'd rather model it for real to be honest.  Sub dividing got me closest (pictured) but the corners just became too rounded.


Any thoughts much appreciated. Then I need to tackle tackle the debossing on the lipstick itself!





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That is, as you say, quite hard, primarily because of contrary edge flow on curves.


The challenging bit isn't getting the puffy look, which you can do very easily with inner extrudes and SDS, but designing edge flow so that the corners and edges stay sharp like in the reference AND the shape is capable of deforming nicely along those slightly curved sides...


Alas I am stuck on a client job tonight, so can't help much more than that until the weekend... but will be back then if no1 gets there before me...



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