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GSG HDRI-link or alternative

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Hi guys,


I was wondering whether people had any experience with the GSG HDRI-link plugin.

I'm about to cave and want to buy it, but just found out that it won't let you use your own hdri's; one would have to buy their packs.


Is there a good alternative on the market, that I just haven't heard of. Or would you say it's worth all the money and I should just get all of their packs...

Also, If people would know of a good workflow with the content browser and can direct me to a tutorial, that would also be greatly appreciated...






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RE:  just found out that it won't let you use your own hdri's
Yea, that's just bummer. I don't get what's the point of this thinking. 
Anyhow, you can use your own HDRI, you just need to trick the plug-in in doing so. 
(Obviously, I can't reveal it here. Probably against the rules? ) 

Although that was in the early version of HDRI link. I'm not sure with the current one. 

That said, Cycles4D has a built-in HDRI link system. 
So If you are looking for a 3rd party render engine, its worth looking into.

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