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Conditional color formatting?

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I am building the periodic table and want to assign different colours to each element depending on some inherent properties (e.g. density, mass, number of valence electrons)


So, I need to add  information to my objects (e.g. Object "Lithium" has melting point of 181 degrees).

Then I want to assign a colour to specific temperature ranges. and automatically let C4D add a colour to each element based on the melting points.

I imagine not just selecting for melting point, but also for density or metal/non-metal or mass or number of valence electrons etc.


Can this be done?

I assume some sort of conditional formatting is needed.


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Can it be done? In principle, yes... you can add User Data which represents any property you want to an object that represents one element. Then you can create an XPresso that changes some material accordingly.

I just don't see where you are going with that... a periodic table is static, regardless of the data encoded in the texture color. For each element, you would still need to enter the data somewhere, as C4D doesn't know anything about elements.


I can imagine that you load data from some CSV file, and that the table is created by script, or something... but you don't say where the data is actually coming from and what process should create the table(s) and what the usecases actually are, so I'm a bit at a loss.


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