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Hi! I’m trying to bake a simple keyframe animation in order to use it in Spark Ar (for Instagram filters). In Spark ar guidelines they say you have to bake the animation. I thought I had baked it correctly but it doesn’t play so I suppose I didn’t bake it in the right way. It’s a simple keyframe animation: I’ve selected everything in the timeline, and I’ve clicked “bake objects" in the Function window. Can you please help me to solve this? This is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5o7mvo3wt82n5xj/spaghetti.c4d?dl=0

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Hey. I saw your file. In this case since you are using the sweep generator, you cant bake it's animation because the generator is constatly generating more and more geometry. The better way to "bake" this is through a conversion. In other words export an abc (alembic) file of your animation and it will behave as a bake. You can also make an OBJ sequence or use the Nitro 4d.

Bake animation is used mainly to bake some deformers and PSR animations. In this case (generators) it might not work as expected.

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thank you so much! I’ll tell you if it works. I’m learning to use c4d and I discovered about “baking” only yesterday in order to import this work in spark ar but there are very few tutorials about this topic 🙂

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