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Geological Time Lapse and displacement maps

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I'm currently working on a project about morphing topography trough 30.000 years (Around Long-Island), and have some issues for making it as I want.

I use height maps that are transformed in Photoshop, but to create evolution of these, it seems really "morphing" and not so organic… also, you clearly see the gradients differences while using black and white height maps.

I want to be able to make something as organic as C4D's terrain objects, but with a displacement map (like if it was the source of the terrain object).

Do you think it's possible ? 


Here is an exemple of what type of things I want to render. It start at 02:08, to 02:13



You can find in the link, a first test of displacement on the map, but we don't really see it, nor feel the geology moving (It's geologically not accurate for the moment also 😉)


If someone cane help me with that it would be really cool! 


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Please fix your profile. You should only have Alpha / Beta listed there if you work for MAXON or are a beta tester for them, and knowing which version you are running is vital to answering questions accurately. You need to fill in real information about your location as well. And lastly you need to take care to post in the right place, which is not General 3D discussion if it is a question.


Please read the article How to post on the cafe you were directed to when you signed up.



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