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Hi, (c4d R21 file included)

Trying to create a pop-up book. Tried a few different tutorials and ideas. Using a page object with bone structure for left of page and right of page and middle.  When page 1 opens up the "L_Rotate" bone rotates the left page open, "middle" bone rotates the middle binding of page and "R_Rotate" bone is PSR constraint so it doesnt follow middle bone. once the page 2 opens the "L_rotate" is PSR Constraint and "middle" rotates and R_Rotate is unlocked from PSR constraint to close the first page.
Its quite messy at the moment in the file but the general idea is there for you to see. 8 pages turning and stacking from right to left as the each page is finished.
My questions
-Is there a easier solution or ideas to achieve this effect much cleaner?
-sometimes on playback my constraints aren't working and i get different results on render. sometimes a page will fly in the air for a frame and then snap back. Is there something wrong ive done with the constraints? something to fix with the keyframes or weight on/off instance?
- Just really how might you tackle this problem?
- would it be hard to make a slider animation for each page to open? any tutorials on this style of book?

any help would be amazing, thankyou. Let me know if i need to explain more.





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Hi There.

This is a possible way.

However, did you tried using a cloner for the book? With a few deformers and a nicely setup cloner, i think you can manage to create this effect very easily and cleaner. It might no be the most realistic but it works well.

There are also a few other tuts about book rigging and other products like preset tools.





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I did a magazine flip once and I made the animation of a single page with rotation and two bend deformers (one for the general bending that occurs when you open a book, the other rotated 45 degrees to simulate the bottom corner to be picked up).

Then I used xref to impotz this page into my magazine.c4d and used it in a cloner. Adding the shift in height of the left and right "stack" was a bit tricky, but trial and error with a step effector did the trick. Front and  back cover where animated seperately. 


Btw: I textured the sheets with different materials on the front and back faces. So I needed a single plane for one sheet.

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Hey, I did not find my original magazine.c4d and the corresponding page.c4d (did it for a former employer). But I found a experiment that I wanted to try to make the pageflip mor versatile. I ended up with a expresso rig with "user data" to drive the animation. So this was in preparation for some more complicated experiment with magazine animations. But the keyframed animation is essentially the animatoin I used for my original pageflip.

Hope you find something...



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In R18 there is a magazine preset in the content browser ( grab below ), Ive also seen it done in a helolux tutorial where he rigged the top and bottom of the page with joints to make a nice flip. Not got round to rigging one myself tho.



Screenshot 2020-05-22 at 10.19.56.png

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