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Equations in dynamics

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I was wondering, is there any way to see (in Xpresso or something else) what equation is used for a dynamic ? I was playing with "friction" and "gravity", and tried to scale down an animation with a linear factor for each parameter (except gravity). My goal is to set a user data which all parameters would be increase or decrease by only one linear factor... I know that using an instance works perfectly fine (cf here : https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/scaling-dynamics/1647006/3), but I need this animation to interact on different objects with differents scales, that's why create an instance cannot work...

It seems that the "friction" isn't a linear parameter... Am I wrong ?

I'm not quite good with physics, sorry if its seems obvious...

Thank you for your help,

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When it comes to dynamics, I've found C4D obeys the laws of motion quite well eg if you give an object a custom initial velocity then measure its speed by various XPresso methods.




a would be gravity in these equations.


Stuff like pendulums seem to obey Physics, also projectiles. You can find the math for those on Wiki. I'm not sure how C4D calculates friction and damping - I usually just tinker until it works 😀


Here's a cannonball experiment I made recently using some wiki math for cannon angle and projectile speed


Not exactly the answer to your question, just showing that C4D uses the same math as IRL.

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  • Well, it is still a great clue 😄 Thanks a lot !

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