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Character Object - Quadruped Rigs (simple and advanced) broken

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I've been recently trying to use the Character object to make use of the Advanced Quadruped template, but ran into problems concerning the situation where the Rig would break (the back legs) between the skinning and animation step. I would then try to use the Quadruped (simple) instead, but also ran into problems, where the front and back hip controllers would be off to one side. As well as the ears, which jump back and forth when changing between adjust and create tabs.


So Haven't actually been able to get the character rigged using the templates. 


So, the rigs are from 2012, maybe version R13, around the time when Bret Bays left MAXON, maybe released in a 2013 version of Cinema.

Okay, then we have this vimeo tutorial here which is 6 years old, were the author states that the rig is production "ready". So, this sounds to me like, it is production ready.

There is also these great advertisement clips on cineversity to show off all available "production ready" template rigs.


Concerning the fact, we have R21/S22, that Rig should be production ready. At least the bugs should be fixed 7 years later right? But, these are not fixed!

Before you guys point me to MAXON support, I've been talking with them already. They just told me, they are aware of those bugs and have already asked the original author to resolve those.


So, who is taking care of these BUGs,now? MAXON is not, right? Bret? So, please Please Bret! Can you step in and just fix those RIGs please?

You'll just have to quit your job at Disney and fiy some 7 year old bugs in Maxons rigs! What is wrong with you guys at MAXON support?


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Didn't know about that issue with those rigs. That problem should be reported (even if someone already did it) to MAXON. we can't afford to have broken tools instead of reliable ones. 


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2 hours ago, jbatista said:

Didn't know about that issue with those rigs. That problem should be reported (even if someone already did it) to MAXON.

No, they definitely know about that one, so no need to report further...



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