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R21 Commandline Rendering with Redshift licensing broken

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Hello everyone,


I've been experiencing commandline rendering failures due to missing available licenses on farm rendering machines with eight nvidia gpus, using thingbox deadline as render manager and redshift floating as renderer.

As it turns out the issue is related to a cinema bug, where each individual gpu requests a license from the MAXON license server, but this status is written to the same file for each gpu, instead of one file per gpu. Leading to a problem when the operating system locks a file while it is written, while another licensing status update process also tries to update the status of this same file. (commandline rendering fails for gpu render farms in general).


In case you run into the same issue:

The solution turns out to be both complicated and time consuming, because three support partners had top be contacted. (Redshift, Thinkbox, MAXON)

First off, the Thinkbox Deadline team was able to do half of MAXON's work and provide a big part of the solution by creating a startup script, that is able to alter commandline parameters. The second part is to let the commandline rendering licensing startup script to create seperate folders for each gpu, so the licensing checkout is stored separately and no os is blocking file status updates.


A big thank you to thinkbox support, you guys rock! Who react within 24 hours, or faster.

In contradiction to the MAXON support team, who actively refused to help in the beginning and then started to look into the issue after three weeks, finally comming up with a temporary solution after four weeks. I'd love to get an official info from MAXON, if this fix has been finally added to a future release, with date and version number.




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