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.lib4d file not saving custom previews set to objects in Content Browser

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Hey guys, I'm really puzzled by this. I've done this exact workflow so many times now already, but for some reason it's just not working this time around.


I've got a custom preset library made with an xpresso controller inside of it, and that controller has a custom "Set Preview" thumbnail on it. It works fine when I set it, but when I brought that same .lib4d file over to another version of Cinema, the thumbnail didn't carry over, and it just shows a blank cinema viewport as the thumbnail instead.

I've even tried installing the .lib4d in both the Appdata library directory as well to see if that'd fix it, but it didn't.

Resizing the thumbnail image didn't change anything either. (I thought maybe file size could be a culprit)


If anyone has any tips or suggestions, that would be amazing, as this is a product I'm working on and this issue is causing a release delay for it.



(I've included some images of what's going on. The one with the blue car paint is the content browser where I made this preset library in R21, and the one without the blue car paint is where the same library preset is not working in R19. Again, I've done this exact process before on these 2 versions in the past, now all of a sudden it's not working)






After soooo many different ways of saving it and transferring it, the only way I found it to work, was by Clicking on the Null Controller, go to "File" in the object manager, and click on "Save Object as Preset", then copy it out of the user presets directory in the content browser, and into a new custom library 🙌

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