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Saving ProRes 4444 with alpha broken?

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At the risk of seeming dense, i've got a problem saving a ProRes file with alpha from C4D intended to open in Final Cut Pro X. Story as follows:

1. I render in C4D an image sequence of PSDs with internal alpha channels.

2. I import the PSD sequence to After Effects CS6 on Mac, make a comp and see the alpha channel in the comp.

3. Back in C4D, I save the sequence after render to an MOV animation with ProRes4444 codec. 

4. I import that mov to FCPX and the alpha channel does not work. I set the pop-up to process the alpha, and it jumps back to "ignore alpha".


Can any clever soul tell me what I'm doing wrong, or is there a bug in C4D saving ProRes with an alpha?

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