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Split an object in half

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I have a premed model I purchased and imported into C4D that I'd like to 'crack open' as in split it roughly down the middle, preferable in an imperfect fashion.

Problem is the object is comprised of many smaller objects nested in a null.


At first I thought the Voronoi fracture would be a good choice, but its' very slow and hard to define where the 'crack' is and get it looking aesthetically pleasing. It's more designed for many small cracks than one.


The best way so far I've found is to 'Connect and Delete' then duplicate the object and manually delete polygons from each side, or use the knife tool. But I don't really want to loose the edibility of the individual objects inside the null.


Another options is Bool but bool is a dirty word 🙂


Are there any functions I'm not aware of that are designed for this application?


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Not in R19.



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