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Light bulb does not render light

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I'm trying to create a shining light bulb. I used a model from C4D's Content Manager. I tried tweaking the glass material of the light bulb - adding luminance, glow etc. Nothing seems to be working and give the impression that the light has been turned on?! I presume that's an issue with transparency. I'd greatly appreciate your help, thank you!

I've uploaded the file here, as it was too big.

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Yes, a light bulb cannot be luminant if it is transparent. So you should put a visible light inside instead.



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Thanks @Cerbera! I tried placing a regular light inside but it still wouldn't shine through. Should I try with a different kind of light or try different transparence settings perhaps?

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Is this the look you are going for?  I put the cube in to show that the light bulb is emitting light but while bright white it is sill partially transparent because if you look closely you can still see the filament inside.  I am sure with some tweaking you can get it to where you want it to be.


I compressed the file using WinRAR to get it to an acceptable file size for posting:




I hope that helps.





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