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Glass bottle modelling help - debossed glass ridges

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Hey guys, I am in desperate need of advice!
I am attempting to model a bottle and can't find a guide on how to create this embossed effect around a bottle's exterior- and have the lines also follow the curves of the bottle.

Ideally, they also end softly like in the photo example below.

Please point me in the right direction! I am even willing to purchase a course that'll teach me this if you have one in mind!

Photo reference attached.

Thank you so much in advance 



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I can give you the brief strategy / overview, but unfortunately do not have time to explain in great detail at the moment.

Th best result will be achieved via regular SDS poly modelling, starting with Lathe with the same amount of radial segments as there are ridges in your bottle, then making it almost immediately editable, and manually extruding the ridges from there... this way they will follow the curves of your topology when used with Subdivision.



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 On a quick break, so just popped back to say that once you have extruded your ridges (just needs a single extrude) you can use Normal Scale (as different from the regular scale tool) to slightly shrink the extruded polys all at once which will give you slightly nicer rounding and finish to them.



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