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Float slider from degrees?

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I'm trying to make a HUD slider from a Bend Object (Degrees).

When I right click on the strength parameter of the Bend Object to add to HUD I get a degree HUD, if I add a widget to it the slider is available, but there is a crazy amount space on the left and right of the slider.

Is this possible?



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The strength field is not limited. You will get the same trouble if you switch the widget in the Attribute Manager to Float Slider.


You can get around that by defining a User Data float slider with sensible limits (e.g. -100 ... 100), use Set Driver / Set Driven to create an XPresso connection, and drag that field to the HUD.

AFAIK you cannot change the limits of a built-in slider directly. (You CAN but only if you manipulate the GUI definition files... rather don't.)

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Cairlyn, thank you, I'll give it a shot! 

Thanks again!


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