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Dynamics different on playback.

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Hey wizards!

I have a car rig and Im loving making animations with it. Its all dynamics (wheels suspension setup) and run with expresso. Ive managed to figure out how to cache it up to a certain point, the problem Im having is that the cached playback is slightly different to what I animate.

My method was to drive the car how I want to see it in the scene using autokeying, then stop the animation before the end and cache the dynamics.

First of all I realised the cahce was using soft keyframes on the xpresso control so it wasnt matching, so I fixed that with step. But the cached playback is still way off from the start. Im thinking initial state, world coordinates or hopefully something obvious.

I was hoping to avoid follow spline as it doesnt look as natural. Any ideas?


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I used to be into dynamic cars and my system was to have the cars follow a target on a spline using XPresso - a null in the car points at the target to get wheel steering, and the motors are controlled by distance to target. You can keyframe the target to stop at road junctions etc.  Then project > dynamics > cache > bake (for team render). 


Might interest you.




Here's a race using that method Vimeo


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Idk if you heard of "Magic Car" plugin from Nitro4d.com

It's a free car rig, that can use keyboard to control the car, and can record the animation by using "space bar".



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