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Spline Dynamics And Sweep Animation Issues

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So i recently started to try some animation in Cinema 4D(R21) for my unity project,I modeled a rope with a spline sweep nerve and added spline dynamics to the spline.However, upon exporting the FBX file no PLA track is carried with the object.It appears that when exporting the sweep nerve become editable preventing the spline dynamics from taking effect.Just wondering if there is any way of baking the spline dynamics to the sweep nerve, so when exporting the animation is carried.Thanks for any help/advice.

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Small correction here. You must be referring to a NURBS object (non uniform rational b-spline) as found in other DCCs that do handle NURBS modelling. But Cinema doesn't really do NURBS modelling per se, so here that object is just a Sweep ! I will amend this in your title, so that your keywords are not unsearchable, and move this post to the correct category which is Import / Export, not dynamics.


I am not hugely experienced in these sort of problems, as I have never so much as opened Unity, but I do know that you would need to bake down your spline animation to keyframes before you converted to FBX, because the spline dynamics won't be readable to any 3rd party software any other way.



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