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Is there a way to scale clones over time?

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Apologies for what is probably a dumb question. I've got an emitter following a circle spline, using the 'align to spline' tag and emitting clones as it goes. I've set the lifetime of the clones low enough for them to disappear gradually around the circle shortly after they are emitted. At the moment they only blink on and off though.


I'm hoping for each clone to scale up from nothing as they are born, and then shrink down to nothing as they die, so they appear a bit more natural. I tried using a shader effecto r but to be  I'm, not sure how to get the scale attributes working. Maybe it's beacuse I'm also using a Random Effector to make the clones different sizes and positions?


My file is attached. I have the clones emitter and spline all in a null object that I was hoping to rotate, but when I keyframe the null's rotation it doesn't seem to have the desired effect either. I was hoping to have the spheres appearto kind of orbit a sphere like a string of asteroids clustering in a ring and disappearing.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

clones emitter ring path .c4d

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