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Explosia and XpShatter - Smoke Plume out of Shattered Sphere

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I'm trying to get a very subtle plume of smoke out of the cracks of a sphere using the glass preset in XpShatter.


I was able to download and pick through the "Shatter Smoke" project in the Insydium Content Repository hoping that would help me get this shot. But, for the life of me, I just cannot figure out how it was set up to:


  1. Trigger the Explosia smoke to start when the XpShatter collision and breakage starts
  2. Have the Explosia smoke follow the broken pieces

Is there a video out there floating around showing how it was set up or something close to it?


I also have a project file attached to illustrate how I am trying to mimic a similar set up in my shot. I would rebuild the cache upon opening (it's pretty heavy for the viewport without a caching) to better see what's going on here.


I just want to get smoke to plume out from the cracks of the sphere upon it hitting and shattering. Any insight or information would be so appreciated!



XPShatter-04_XPExplosia Test_2.c4d

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